At a young age, Coco Gauff has already claimed early WTA success

WTA: 5 Things to Know About Coco Gauff

Cori “Coco” Gauff is one of the most intriguing young prospects in the WTA and she probably offers the highest upside since she is still very young.

If you don’t know her yet, you definitely should. So for today, allow SBOBET to help you learn more about this young standout’s personal and professional life thus far.

Yes, Gauff is only 16 years old

Coco Gauff started playing tennis when she was seven years old and she admitted that she wanted to model her game after Venus Williams.

She noted that she wanted to play tennis because of the skirts, according to her father. And while she tried various sports such as track and basketball, she was drawn to tennis because it was a perfect fit to her shy and competitive nature.

Her early success in winning the “Little Mo” eight-and-under nationals practically sealed the deal for her to commit to tennis early on.

“I wasn’t much of a team person. I loved tennis. I was so-so about it in the beginning because when I was younger I didn’t want to practice at all. I just wanted to play with my friends. When I turned eight, that was when I played “Little Mo” and after that I decided do that the rest of my life,” said Gauff.

Since then, Gauff has had a strong junior career which included a French Open Grand Slam and becoming the No. 1 junior player in the world. You can just imagine enjoying all of this success at the tender age of 16. It is quite unheard of.

Gauff got her athletic genes from her parents

Perhaps the main reason why Coco Gauff possesses raw athletic abilities is because she won the genetic lottery.

Her father Corey is a former college basketball player for Georgia State University while her mother Candi was a hepathlete and hurdler at Florida State.

With Coco decided to commit to tennis, Corey was her primary coach and he trains his daughter at Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou’s tennis academy.

Coco admitted that her father can sometimes be tough on her during training, but there’s no doubt that it shaped her to be where she is now.

“When we were younger it was pretty easy. And then when I turned 12 or 13, we used to argue because he used to be annoying. He would bring tennis home and he’s always around me. So now we talked, and understand each other now more,” said Coco Gauff.

“I’ve always challenged her from the beginning of this when we started. I always tell her that she’ll be able to change the world with her racket,” said Corey Gauff.

Gauff is still your typical teenager

Most kids at her age are either busy studying or playing and hanging out with friends, and Coco Gauff continues to find time in doing so.

Especially since all tours were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gauff bared that she’s been keeping herself busy by playing video games such as Fortnite, according to our WTA 2020 updates.

Coco Gauff has been deemed to be a long-term successor to Serena Williams in WTA

USA’s Coco Gauff during her fourth round match of Australian Open at Melbourne Park

She is also a fan of some of the hit music artists today. Looking at her Instagram, Coco attended an Ariana Grande concert and she expressed her excitement when Jaden Smith released his new album last year.

Coco Gauff is still expected to pursue her studies while playing professional tennis and it’s a great move towards setting up her future.

Gauff almost quit took a year off from tennis

With Coco Gauff rising to fame over these past few months, she mentioned that she struggled to deal with the hype and pressure.

The American teenager considered taking a year off in order to cope with depression as well as trying to rediscover her love to tennis.

“Throughout my life, I was always the youngest to do things, which added hype that I didn’t want. I was struggling to figure out if this was really what I wanted. I always had the results, so that wasn’t the issue. I just found myself not enjoying what I loved,” said the 16-year-old.

“I realised I needed to start playing for myself and not other people. For about a year, I was really depressed. It took many moments sitting, thinking, and crying. I came out of it stronger and knowing myself better than ever,” she added.

Gauff is a young star in the making

Coco Gauff has been touted a long-term successor to Serena Williams for women’s tennis in America. The teenage sensation has enjoyed a fabulous run in the professional ranks since last year, when she reached the fourth round of Wimbledon in her first major Grand Slam appearance.

She defied the WTA 2020 odds once more when she reached the fourth round in her Australian Open debut few months ago, which paved the way for her to break into the top 50 in the WTA rankings. Coco Gauff is the first 15-year-old to achieve such feat in the last 15 years.

With her mix of youth, athleticism, and drive to excel, Coco Gauff is one player that everyone should watch out for.



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