Some believed Chris Wilder’s Premier League success story comes as no surprise

Premier League: Four Bosses Who Took Us by Surprise

When in years to come, we look back at the weirdest Premier League campaign of all time, our abiding memories will be of players celebrating in empty stadiums. Then we’ll remember the details and action from before the March 2020 lockdown, when the season was already three quarters finished. Liverpool were storming to their first

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Steve Bruce and Frank Lampard are set to meet at St. James Park for their Premier League clash

Premier League: Football’s Hotbed Welcomes the Aristocrats

Newcastle United vs Chelsea Newcastle enjoy playing Chelsea at St. James’ Park. The chance to uproot the so-called aristocrats of West London, for that is what they have become since the investment boon that transformed the club when billionaire Roman Abramovich arrived on the scene in 2003. Perhaps they see it as a Premier League

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Steve Bruce is now tasked to bring Newcastle back to Premier League glory

Premier League: New Faces Make This a Must-See Contest

Newcastle United vs Arsenal As if there wasn’t enough excitement about this Premier League clash, transfer deadline day has only gone and heightened it further. Let’s be honest, this match was already an intriguing contest – now it’s positively eye-catching! Talking Points If the truth be known, Arsenal have probably not strengthened in an area

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