Former NBA all-star Blake Griffin will now be sitting out until the Detroit Pistons find a suitable role for him

NBA: All-Star Big Men Sitting on the Trade Block

The NBA trade deadline is still over a month away, but some teams are already starting to make moves with potential deals in mind. All-Star big men Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond are two of the biggest names on the trade block, and their respective teams have now decided not to play them as they try

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The race for the finals spots in the East continue to intensify as the NBA season nears its end

NBA: East Playoff Picture Still in Flux

It was an action-packed 13-game Friday night in the NBA as the regular season slowly winds down. After the Bucks- 76ers Thursday thriller, there was more excitement in the East with the Hornets and Raptors. Meanwhile, the bottom of the conference’s playoff picture continues to take shape. And in the West, the Jazz and Warriors

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The Lakers have have LeBron James in their team to beat Timberwolves in NBA

NBA Preview: Intriguing Matches Make for Great Watching

The 2018/19 NBA season has been a pretty peculiar one, to say the least. While the Golden State Warriors keep a bit of sanity in the league by being the top dog, plenty of the other competing teams are in interesting places in the league. Some of these teams have made the big NBA 2018

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Despite breaking records, LeBron James feels frustrated with the Lakers' defeat to Spurs in recent NBA clash

NBA Recap: Big Night for LeBron James, Another Loss for Lakers

It would have been a special day for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. It would have been. However, the San Antonio Spurs had other plans and made sure LeBron wouldn’t be in a celebratory mood after their rematch this season. On the other NBA games, the Utah Jazz gave the New Orleans Pelicans

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Both East and West teams continue to struggle in winning their remaining live betting matches

Spotlight: This is a Giant Fight for the Playoffs!

If you aren’t convinced that the NBA isn’t a fiesta for sports betting fans, then the current playoff picture should get your blood pumping! The playoff picture is looking a lot like 1875: the East is as calm as the West is wild! It’s hard to make a bet online with the way things are

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