Get thrilling fights and prizes with SBOBET's Rush City game

Rush City: The Chase For the Bounty Is On

Get ready to experience the exciting rush of winning as SBOBET offers you its new mobile game, Rush City.

Turn on your engines and bring the fight into the streets as you jostle for your territory in order to secure loots of cash.

Outsmart the mafia gangs in their own game as you go around different routes in this heart-pumping, fast-paced arcade game that are sure to make your gaming experience worthwhile.

Start the game by placing your bets and selecting your favorite map as you try to take over the streets. Each map has five levels that are sure to make the chase much more thrilling.

Fight your way to big cash prizes with SBOBET's Rush City game

Eliminate your enemies as you drive your way to huge prizes with SBOBET’s latest game, Rush City

Evade all mafia cars to avoid losing lives and collect all the powerups and pellets in order to level up. Boost your car with some cool upgrades such as the Turbo Symbol, Freeze Symbol, and the Shield Symbol by grabbing the bonus symbol that may appear from time to time.

The turbo symbol will improve your car speed for 10 seconds while it will automatically trigger the chasing phase. Meanwhile, the freeze symbol will stop the mafia cars on their tracks for 10 seconds which will give enough time to catch up on them. On the other hand, collecting the shield symbol will safeguard your car for any mafia attacks.

Making the most out of these collected symbols will definitely help you on your journey especially since the game has two chasing phases – the normal mode and the much faster fear mode.

Mafia cars are on a slower pace in the normal mode while they are much faster in the fear mode, so avoid them at all costs and focus on the objective at hand.

This game also offer multipliers that can increase your winnings coming from your collected coin pellets. The smallest multiplier is at 0.5x while the biggest is at 50x.

Rush City is easy to learn and addicting at the same time. So don’t miss out on this hot new game by logging in to your SBOBET account now.




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