Basketball betting fans are thrilled with the intensity of the Sixers-Wolves game

What a thrilling day for NBA online betting!

Did you bet online in today’s NBA showdown? Well, you’re probably regretting it if you missed it! Besides an exciting opener from Philadelphia, there were also some gritty games from the likes of Boston, Dallas and Phoenix that sparked cheers and celebrations on sports betting forums. Not to mention the dominating display of the Spurs,

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Western Conference strugglers aim to improve their NBA rankings by winning their upcoming matches

This is an important time for these NBA strugglers

If the Lakers, Wolves, Mavericks and Suns want to salvage their season and battle for the eighth seed in the Western Conference, they need to start winning now. They might be no fun for live betting as they are at the bottom of the standings, but it’s not yet too late for them as resurgence

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Sports betting fans were delighted with Jimmy Butler's scoring outburst

Big games from top stars will leave you wanting for more

The defining factor that sets basketball apart from other sports is how much one player can affect the entire game. Superstars can easily topple betting odds with their outstanding plays on offence and defence. The NBA’s leading MVP candidates did not disappoint in another day of online betting goodness! The league’s top players definitely influenced

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Betting odds are backing Houston Rockets to win against Washington Wizards following their exemplary form recently

Top MVP candidates make for exciting betting odds

The coming NBA games tomorrow have enough star power to make you want to bet online! The leading candidates for the regular season MVP will be starring in the various games NBA offers during the first week of the year. The league’s biggest stars will brighten up your day like fireworks on New Year’s Eve!

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Atlanta Hawks defy betting odds in their match against San Antonio Spurs after snatching a 112-114 victory

It’s a fantastic New Year for these underachieving teams!

December hasn’t been a beautiful month for the likes of Detroit, Indiana, Portland and Atlanta. However, come the new year, they all looked ready to leave those ugly memories of horrible games in 2016. They might be considered ‘underachievers’ at this point of the NBA season, but with a strong start to 2017, sports betting

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