Koi fish symbolize prosperity in Japanese culture, which will surely help you in Koi Gate

Koi Gate: Enter the Path to Prosperity

Get ready to take the first steps toward a much more prosperous life by entering through SBOBET’s Koi Gate.

This three-row, five-reel slots game provided by Habanero not only looks beautiful with its colourful Japanese-inspired design, but it can also deliver big payouts with the help of those friendly fish swimming in the koi pond.

As the name suggests, koi play a prominent role in this game’s entire theme. But aside from the koi, there are also a number of design elements that help provide a more authentic Japanese experience.

Koi are more than just good-looking fish used as glamorous decorations; they are actually highly symbolic creatures in Japanese culture. They symbolise love and friendship as well as luck, prosperity, and good fortune. And as it so happens, the koi in this game are the ones that play a big part in providing those big payouts.

Both the koi and dragon symbols can substitute for all symbols. If any koi symbol appears in a winning combination, it expands into a dragon symbol and covers up all the positions on the reel before the payout is awarded.

The koi symbol also triggers a re-spin feature. The number of koi symbols will determine the number of re-spins: one koi will equal one re-spin and three koi will get three. More spins will be awarded if the koi symbol/s appears again on the screen.

There is no limit to the number of re-spins; they will continue until a spin results where no koi symbol appears onscreen. All payouts are also doubled during the re-spins.

The journey to great wealth and prosperity is just a few spins — and some lucky koi — away, so log in to SBOBET and start playing Koi Gate today.




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