How to Place a Bet on Virtual Football & SBOBET Cup

How to Place a Bet on Virtual Football & SBOBET Cup

If you’re looking for some football betting action, then SBOBET is the best place to go. SBOBET features a comprehensive array of betting selections not only from the top football leagues in Europe, but also from dozens of other leagues and competitions all around the world.

And did you know that there are also football matches you can bet on exclusively on SBOBET?

Those matches are of the virtual variety. With the SBO Cup and Virtual Football, SBOBET players can wager on multiple virtual football matches at any time of the day.


How Do Virtual Fooball & SBO Cup work?

The SBO Cup is a tournament-style competition similar to the World Cup, with different countries battling through the different rounds all the way to the championship. Meanwhile, Virtual Football is more of a traditional league format with different European cities standing in for clubs.

As with real football matches, you simply bet on the outcome of the Virtual Football and SBO Cup matches. There are various odds and bet types provided for each match in those two games.

You can also watch as the games unfold through live video streams and can even switch between the available games. But instead of having to wait a full 90 minutes for the match to end, it will be all over in just a few minutes!

To determine their outcomes, the matches are simulated through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and independent random number generators.


How to Place a Bet

So now that you’ve gotten the basic idea behind Virtual Football and the SBO Cup, here’s how to place your bet on them. Again, it isn’t all that different from placing a bet on a real football match.

  1. First, just sign in to your SBOBET account and click on the “Virtual Sports” tab at the top of the page. Then select “SBO Cup” or “Football” on the left panel of the page. You can find the matches and the bet types available for betting at the bottom of the page.
  2. Pick the match you’re interested in betting on. For Virtual Football, there are 8 games played on each match day. And for SBO Cup, there are a maximum of 4 matches played at a time.
  3. After choosing your desired match, click on the odds of the bet type that you wish to wager on.

The bet types currently available are Asian Handicap, Over/Under, and 1X2 (both for Half Time and Full Time), as well as the Outright winner, which is only available on the SBO Cup.

  1. After clicking on the odds, the bet ticket will open up on the left panel of the page. Enter the stake amount you wish to bet and click on “Submit.” Be sure to place your bet before the timer expires!


How to Place a Mix Parlay Bet

SBO Cup and Virtual Football also feature mix parlay betting, where you can combine bets from different games and potentially win a higher payout. Here’s how to place mix parlay bets:

  1. Click on the “Parlay” tab beside the “Ticket” tab on the left menu to view mix parlay events.
  2. Then, click on the odds of the bets you wish to make. Choose at least 2 betting selections from different matches to be able to submit a parlay.

Each time you add a bet to your mix parlay, it will show up on the left panel of the page. The number of bets you currently have on your mix parlay will also show up on the “Parlay” tab. To remove a selection, click on the “x” button on the top-right corner of each bet.

  1. After making sure all the bets on your Parlay ticket are accurate, enter the stake amount and click on “Submit” to place your mix parlay bet.

So now you know how to place a bet on Virtual Football and the SBO Cup. The only thing left now is to start betting on those terrific games and make big winnings a reality!




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