How To Bet on the 1X2 Market

How To Bet on the 1X2 Market

If you’re planning to place a bet on a football match, you will most likely come across the term “1X2.” That’s because 1X2 betting (also known as three-way betting) is perhaps the most popular way to bet on football, in large part because it’s really simple to understand.

Basically, 1X2 betting gives you the option to bet on the match’s three possible outcomes: Team 1 wins, Team 2 wins, or a draw (X). If you pick the correct result out of those three, you win. It’s that simple!

Note that 1X2 betting only counts the result of a match when it ends after 90 minutes. So in case a match ends after extra-time or a penalty shoot-out, it’s still considered a draw.


Let’s use a Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester United as an example of how 1X2 betting works. Liverpool, being the home team, are favoured with odds of 1.49. Manchester United are priced at 6.20, while a draw is 4.30.

All you need to do is pick which outcome will take place. So if you place a €10 stake on Man United to grab an away win and they do, then you  get €62 in total (€52 profit + €10 stake). But if they lose or draw, you come away empty-handed.

On SBOBET’s site, the 1X2 market is usually located at the top portion of the page, so it’s hard to miss. And if you just can’t wait for full-time, we also offer First Half 1X2, which counts only the result of the first half.

The Difference Between Asian and European 1X2

In both Asian and European 1X2, you still bet on one of the three outcomes: Team 1 or 2 winning or a draw. But the one basic difference between the two, which will come into play during live betting, is how the bet result is considered.

In Asian 1X2, regardless of what the scoreline was when you made your bet, you will basically start back at 0-0 once you’ve made the bet. That means only the events of the match after the bet was made will be considered in the result.

On the other hand, European 1X2 will only consider the final result of the match.

For example, you place a bet on Asian 1X2 Manchester United to win during the Liverpool and Manchester United match. When you placed your bet, Liverpool were leading 1-0. But United eventually equalised and the match ended in a 1-1 draw.

Since United “won” the period of the match after you made your bet, 1-0, your bet of a United win is a winner in Asian 1X2. Had it been European 1X2, though, your bet would have lost since the match only finished in a draw.




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