There are a lot of chances to win at Gem Saviour Conquest

Gem Saviour Conquest: Embark on a Magical Adventure

Step up and rise to the challenge as treasures await for those who are brave enough to play Gem Saviour Conquest, which is presented to you by SBOBET.

Fulfill your destiny and join Eric in his quest to save Gem Village as it was taken over by a witch named Ira while discovering hidden prizes and bonuses along the way.

But before he goes back home to claim the hidden jewels in Gem Village, you must help Eric overcome the insidious traps set by Ira filled with flaming magma that is melting everything on its path.

This six-reel, six-row video slot game has 11 regular symbols that you can form winning combinations in the reels. Symbols include the five playing cards in various colours along with shiny gems in different shapes and colours.

Gem Saviour Conquest offers you the chance to win bigger payouts as you go on

Get a chance for bigger payouts as more symbols will be stacked in the reels after every winning turn

For every winning combination that you form in the reels, Witch Ira’s health bar will be decreased. So mix and match with the symbols in order to get it down to zero as your multiplier will be boosted whenever you do so.

And with the Gem Saviour Conquest using a cascading system, more symbols will be stacked in the reels after every winning turn. This means that your payouts will grow bigger and bigger.

Along with trying to defeat Witch Ira, be on the lookout for the wild knight symbol as it can act as a substitute to a regular symbol that can add on to your winnings.

Try to avoid the monster symbols when they appear in the reels. However, if you are lucky, you can use them to your advantage as they can be considered as scatter symbols that can give you up to 12 free respins.

With the game’s cool magical theme and high RTP, Gem Saviour Conquest is a must-play game for players out there. So log in to your SBOBET account now and start your adventure today.




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