3rd Test: England vs West Indies: Ben Stokes is expected to lead the Three Lions

3rd Test: England vs West Indies: Ben Stokes the Fire!

3rd Test: England vs West Indies A best of three cricket series always has the potential for dramatic and frenetic action, and we’ve had exactly that in the first big Test match contest of the summer. The next game, 3rd Test: England vs West Indies is the climax of a much-awaited series, in which the first

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Jofra Archer is expected to maintain his superb performance in cricket

Howzat! Cricket Returns to England At Last

When Cricket came to a standstill back in March, we didn’t know just how long we’d be living our lives without the summer game we love, and the beautiful sound of the leather ball on the willow of the bat. But it’s coming back soon, and for that reason, millions around the globe are celebrating.

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English cricket fans can't wait for the domestic cricket to return

It Ain’t Summer Without English Cricket!

We are told England cricketers feel fitter than ever and they will come back in good shape from the lockdown. That is according to the team’s nutritionist who has been assessing their progress during isolation. However, here we are in the first week of June and there are still almost as many questions as there

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Cricket matches around the world are still suspended due to coronavirus outbreak

Cricket’s Immediate Future Remains in Limbo

There’s no question that lockdown has offered extended periods of reflection for sports people and cricket is no different. As it pauses for thought, there are still more questions than answers. To such an extent that, as there is no action to focus on, one of the more newsworthy pieces over the past week has

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Ben Stokes spectacular performance defeat Australia in 2019 Ashes Test

The Sky is Blue…All We Need Now is Cricket!

Easter weekend has passed and that means the cricket season would, in normal times, be back on the agenda here in England. The sun is out and the sky is blue, but there is no sound of leather on willow because the great game has been put on hold due to the spread of coronavirus.

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