Tom Brady will be looking to grab his sixth Super Bowl victory as they face Los Angeles Rams

America’s Biggest Show is Here: Patriots Face Rams in Super Bowl LIII

Los Angeles Rams vs New England Patriots

The biggest sporting event in the United States is back!

North America usually stop and watch when the two best teams in American football battle for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. And I tell you, the Super Bowl still looks as exciting as ever!

While the New England Patriots have become somewhat of a fixture in recent years, there is no assurance that they will be the world champions by the time the game is over. They rightfully pin their hopes on one incredible quarterback, and the man may be able to pull it off once more.

However, the Los Angeles Rams look like a perfect counter to the Patriots’ game plan. If the Los Angeles secondary manages to stop the Pats from churning first down after first down, American football fans at SBOBET might see another team not based in New England celebrate in Atlanta, Georgia.

Talking Points

Hit Me Brady, One More Time!

Tom Brady continues to defy logic as he prepares for another Super Bowl appearance at the ripe age of 41, but a lot of Patriots fans wouldn’t have it any other way. The man called the greatest by the ever-rabid fans of Boston is looking to add to his already-impressive tally of five Bowl victories.

Ask any casual football fan about who might win the Super Bowl, and many will point to the Pats. New England’s Number 12 is still godly with the pigskin: he reads defences well, he delivers pinpoint passes, and he steps up to the plate in the biggest moments. The stats also back up Brady as the consummate performer, leading all quarterbacks in the playoffs when it comes to passing yards and pass completion rate.

With such a legendary quarterback building the play from the pocket, all the Patriots would have to do is ensure that their quarterback won’t be exposed to the Rams defence. The last thing Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots offensive line want is to see their star quarterback experience the same kind of pressure they experienced at Super Bowl LII.

If they do manage to seal the pocket and let Brady connect with players like Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski, there should be no reason for the Patriots to dominate Super Bowl 2019 news pages at the end of the day. After all, Brady can definitely hit opposing defences where it hurts.

LA to ram for the Lombardi

If there’s anyone who can possibly stop the GOAT from making plays, it’s got to be the Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams have been one of the most difficult teams to get past, allowing only 299 total yards through their playoff run. They have a better pass defence than the Pats at 250 yards per game. Their defensive capabilities are compatible with New England’s pass-heavy attacking schemes.

No one can definitely forget the way they pulled off one of the most memorable comebacks in recent memory against the New Orleans Saints. Jared Goff led the Rams back within firing range after leading two scoring drives to force overtime. Meanwhile, the Rams defence managed to stop an inspired Drew Brees from icing the game.

Ex- Patriot Aqib Talib will face his former team in Super Bowl LIII

Aqib Talib during their team’s press conference for Super Bowl LIII

Much of Los Angeles’ Lombardi hopes rest on the Aqib Talib-led defence. The secondary is a big reason as to why they are so hard to crack past. As long as they play their natural game and deny Brady of clean passing lanes, that would give the rushing linebackers enough time to attempt a sack or two.

Moreover, it’s as much as a battle between Brady and defensive coordinator Wayne Phillips. Phillips, a former defensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos, knows how the Pats operate and should be able to put up a decent resistance to the Pats.


This is not the first time these two teams have faced each other in the big dance.

The Patriots faced the Rams during Super Bowl XXXVI, the first championship knot in the Brady-Belichick era when the Rams were still based in St. Louis. That game saw a then-reserve quarterback in Brady orchestrate an amazing second quarter to win the 2001/02 season by a mere three points over the Rams.

Both teams had interesting paths to the Super Bowl. The Patriots took down the San Diego Chargers in the divisional round and held off an impressive Kansas City Chiefs team that was led by an outstanding Patrick Mahomes. Meanwhile, the Rams had quite a battle with the Dallas Cowboys before pulling off a miracle against the Saints.

What are the odds?

A lot of Super Bowl 2019 odds see this game as a close contest due to the reasons I stated above. There is no doubt that we will see both teams do what they do best and try to stop the other party from winning the Lombardi.

The Money Line market sees the Patriots winning by a hair with the odds being at 1.74. The Asian Handicap market also compliments the Rams defence, only giving the Pats 2.14 for a -3.00 handicap. The Rams get 2.08 for a +1.50 boost.

However, there’s no question on who will be the bigger performers: the handicap on Brady having more passing yards is -9.50 @ 1.90. Edelman has a -11.50 deficit over Brandin Cooks for 1.99.

Of course, nothing is certain until the referee blows the final whistle. What I am sure of, though, is that we will see some of the best American football that we will ever see in Atlanta.

Disclaimer: Odds are correct at time of publish.




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